Preschool Graduation

Friday, May 27, 11 AM Join us in the Rainbow Community Center to witness our youngest little Rainbows step into their new realm of learning. Our graduation gathering will be followed by a picnic in the outdoor classroom. All are welcome to celebrate the leaps and bounds our Turtles and ...  Read more

Best of WNC Awards – 2015!

  From the bottom of our hearts we thank YOU for voting for Rainbow Community School in this year's Best of WNC Awards! This year, RCS placed in five categories: Best Preschool - First Place! Best Science and Technology Program - First Place! Best Music Teacher (We love you, Sue ...  Read more

Preschool Graduation 2014

What a special day it was for our preschoolers! RCS held their graduation over at the sanctuary on the new property. Before walking over, both preschool classes held a centering for one last time: Once students finished, they made their way to the sanctuary. Preschoolers began ...  Read more

Kaleidoscope, May 2014

Kaleidoscope, May 2014: All the colorful things happening at Rainbow Community School, from the Executive Director What a marvelous time to be alive.  Life is bursting forth!  It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Rainbow Community, as one great thing after another comes alive.  Is Your ...  Read more

Preschool's India Bazaar

Exotic spices filled the air along with the calls of street merchants. The bustling crowd of proud and curious parents were clamoring about. Was I really in the Rainbow playground or had I found myself transported into the middle of an Indian street bazaar? All around me I saw the blue room ...  Read more

Thank You Organic Mechanic

Our preschoolers love the tricycles. They ride them everyday; morning, noon, and after school. They have an oval loop they ride, chalk arrows pointing which way to go. Watching them will make you dizzy. I often have to walk by very quickly before the train of tricycles catches me. All the riding ...  Read more

Preschool Pajama Party for Japan

On a recent Friday evening Rainbow Mountain preschoolers headed back into their classrooms in their pajamas. It wasn't detention it was a preschool “pajama party” to raise money and collect new pajamas for children in Japan whose lives have been affected by the March 11th earthquake and ...  Read more

Words, Words, Everywhere

Spontaneous excitement about learning occurs frequently at Rainbow Mountain. Recently, a preschool teacher sharpened some snazzy pencils, slipped sparkly gel grips on them, and set them out in a basket. Two children discovered them immediately and asked what they were for. "These are for practicing ...  Read more

Preschool Program Awarded Prestigious Five-Star Rating!

Imagine having over thirty preschoolers under your care each and every day. Being responsible for not only each of their mental, emotional, moral/social, physical and spiritual needs; but also the far more rudimentary ones.Sixty small hands that must be washed and dried repeatedly throughout the ...  Read more